Just Say No to the Curb (At Home and In Business)

I don’t always pay attention to access issues when I’m tooling around town on my own. Curbs, steps and thresholds don’t pose much of an issue for most people, myself included. It isn’t until I’m out with with friends with little ones in strollers or my elderly parents that I realize how these seemingly innocent little steps up or down can pose tremendous problems.

I set out to find solutions once I became aware of the problem. I came across some magnificent gadgets! I love affordable options to improve accessibility and am grateful for the innovative people that create them. Below are my two favorite products I found to address small curb/step/threshold issue.

Threshold Ramp

Threshold ramp

The Silver Spring 1″ Solid Rubber Power Wheelchair Threshold Ramp is the ideal solution indoors or out for problematic raised entry thresholds. That pesky small step can be difficult for those on crutches, scooters, wheelchairs or walkers and for parents with children in strollers.

Under 15 lbs and available in a variety of heights up to 2 1/2″, this solid rubber threshold ramp features a slip-resistant surface.  Molded drain channels prevent water accumulation and enhance traction in any weather. This ramp works well on both flat and uneven surfaces. The best part? No assembly or installation is required. Cost: $65 for the 1″ threshold ramp.


Heavy Duty Rubber Curb Ramp

heavy duty rubber ramp

rubber curb ramp

Heavy Duty Rubber Curb Ramps are wonderful for navigating curbs, whether it is to put a lawnmower into your shed, back up a trailer or because some of your customers use wheelchairs or baby carriages. About 20 pounds, this magnificent gadget is available in two heights – 4.3 or 5.2 inches. With a length of 16.1 inches and width 18.8 inches, this commercial ramp provides great traction and supports up to 20,000 pounds. It can be installed permanently or not, no assembly is required, and it is certified frustration-free!

Not every business can afford to build a ramp at the curb. Or perhaps the space is not available. This ramp is a great solution at only $55.00!

Both of these items will prove very helpful at home and at your business. Improve accessibility and you will open your doors to a whole new set of customers. For very little expense or effort you will improve your bottom line!

Please share your experiences!

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