Essentials About Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

Travelling, and journeying in general, can be challenging for wheelchair users. Getting into and out of a normal car can be difficult, uncomfortable and even painful, and many cars do not have a convenient space into which a wheelchair enters, even folded up. This means that many wheelchair users are reliant upon public transport, or costly taxis, to get out and about. While the bus and rail services both provide for wheelchair users sometimes there simply is not a public transport option going where you want to go to when you want to get there.

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Great American (Accessible) Getaways

From our nation’s capital to the sunny beaches of California, the United States of America is packed with scenic and historic destinations suited to every whim you can imagine. This month we make our way from coast to coast, exploring five unique, accessible, affordable places you’ll want to visit on your next vacation.

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Accessible Travel: Disney Parks

Guest Assistance Card Program

Disney Parks have an unwavering commitment to providing a welcoming, inclusive environment and accessible travel experiences for guests. Do you know about the Guest Assistance Card program, which provides access to attractions for guests with disabilities?  The new program is designed to provide the special experience guests have come to expect from Disney. It will also help control abuse that was, unfortunately, widespread and growing at an alarming rate with the old system.

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Accessible Travel – Seattle

Seattle, Washington is always ranked as one of the most accessible and disability-friendly places you can visit among U.S. cities. The city has a reasonably sized downtown area and an accessible public transportation system. The city’s rail system is pretty new and compliant with ADA standards. Some of the top things to do in the city are also accommodating for people with disabilities, including the Pike Place Market, the Space Needle, and the Seattle Museum.

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