Stumpy’s Lakeside Grill (on the Marina)

2323 S Morgan St, Granbury, TX 76048     (817) 279-1000  website

Accessibility Rating: 4.7/5
Extremely accessible and delicious choice for a great Texas meal!



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  • Parking
  • Entrance Area
  • Doorways
  • Maneuverability Inside
  • Restroom Access
  • Table Height
  • Customer Service


Stumpy’s,located in the Granbury Marina, offers a casual dining menu featuring popular dishes with a local flair.Every item on the menu is lovingly crafted with fresh ingredients and then finished with a distinct flavor. Menu choices include items that are both quality food and excellent value. My personal favorite is the fish tacos and I love the bottomless chips and salsa that come with every meal. The marina offers boat rentals and for those who do not partake, the restaurant is a wonderful place to sit and enjoy the view.

A lot of thought went into making the restaurant accessible, including the bathrooms. Getting to the dining room from the main area is easy, and a ramp is available both at the main entrance and to the outside dining area. Handicap parking is available out front. The staff is very accommodating.

The only downside to Stumpy’s is that it gets crowded, which makes it a bit difficult to maneuver in the front shop area where you order and pay at the register. Additionally, the bathrooms are located on the far end of the shop (on the other side from the register), and therefore navigation can be problematic when people are in line to order. Also important to note is the bathrooms, both of which have handicapped stalls, are a good distance from the dining areas. I recommend going during off times if possible, but definitely go – you will be in for a treat!

The front area where you order gets crowded as it is located in the shop, but there are lots of cute items to browse through while waiting in line. Plenty of tables inside and out – ramp to covered outside eating area – feed the fish – great for grandchildren

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