Granbury Family Restaurant

1300 S Morgan St, Granbury, TX 76048     (682) 936-4277  website not yet available
(next door to Rodrigo’s Mexican Restaurant)

Accessibility Rating: 5/5
Extremely accessible, large diner-style menu, great food and prices!

Granbury Family Restaurant


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  • Parking
  • Entrance Area
  • Doorways
  • Maneuverability Inside
  • Restroom Access
  • Table Height
  • Customer Service


Granbury Family Restaurant on Route 144 (S Morgan Street) offers a casual and friendly dining experience with a diner-style menu. Portions are plentiful and breakfast is served all day. We love french toast and eggs for dinner! The restaurant was open only 1 week when we went, but a steady flow of customers arrived while we dined. The service was somewhat slow, but the staff is currently being trained so we will reserve judgement for now. The large variety of menu items with affordable prices and open kitchen added to the experience. We all enjoyed our food and are excited to go again.

A lot of thought went into making the restaurant accessible, including the bathrooms. The restaurant is one story, boasts a wide flat entrance, no steps, and lots of room between tables. Handicap parking is available out front. The staff is very accommodating.

10 thoughts on “Granbury Family Restaurant”

  1. The food was realty great but service suffers. We stood at the front door for are least 5 minutes hoping someone would let us pay our check. When we mentioned that we never got the soup that was supposed to come with the meal the response was the soup is free. Can’t recommend this place until the service improves greatly.

    Food 5 stars
    Service 1 star

  2. went for dinner on a Thursday night. the food was really good, the service was excellent and we were surprised( pleasantly ) the amount of food served. A great dining experience!

  3. Thank you all for your feedback, which I will share with the Granbury Restaurant! They are working on ironing out the kinks…had hoped to do so before their big opening, but did not anticipate the number of people that would show up prior to doing any advertising once they opened!! People are excited about it…and word of mouth spread quickly. They were not ready…This is not an excuse, just an explanation and I hope those who experienced bad service will give it another try once they have their grand opening. Keep us posted please if you decide to go back and have a better experience. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts.

  4. We are regulars and recommend to everyone. We have always found the food good, service good, accessibility good and pricing reasonable. I hope they make it, we think they are a great asset to Granbury.


  5. This restaurant has excellent food, great service.
    I have eaten both breakfast and lunch there, and the food is excellent and portions were large, prices reasonable…..So glad to have a family restaurant like this in the community.

  6. We have tried the restaurant several times. It is hit or miss with the food. The service has never been good. We will no longer eat there since the service is bad and the food is only mediocre.

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