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Essentials About Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

Travelling, and journeying in general, can be challenging for wheelchair users. Getting into and out of a normal car can be difficult, uncomfortable and even painful, and many cars do not have a convenient space into which a wheelchair enters, even folded up. This means that many wheelchair users are reliant upon public transport, or costly taxis, to get out and about. While the bus and rail services both provide for wheelchair users sometimes there simply is not a public transport option going where you want to go to when you want to get there.

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UberASSIST: Connecting People With Disabilities to Transportation

Uber strives to create transportation options that fit everyone’s needs.

UberASSIST is designed to connect seniors and people with disabilities to transportation providers who can give them additional assistance. With UberASSIST, top-rated driver-partners may obtain independent training from the Open Doors Organization to assist riders into vehicles and can accommodate folding wheelchairs, walkers, and scooters.

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Free Transportation for Injured and Ill Veterans to VA Medical Centers

The DAV (Disabled American Veterans) organization operates a fleet of vehicles around the country to for injured and ill veterans to provide free transportation to VA medical facilities. This organization stepped in to help veterans get the care they need when the federal government terminated its program which many used to pay for transportation to and from medical facilities. Volunteers drive the vans, and the almost 190 Hospital Service Coordinators around the country coordinate the rides.

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