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Does Your Mobility Aid Reflect Your Style?

Why do mobility aids have to be so boring!

Don’t sacrifice style or comfort because you’re on crutches. Using crutches can now be comfortable, convenient, and fashionable. 4 piece cover set includes 2 hand grips and 2 crutch tops. Roomy crutch bag is so handy and helpful! All that for $29!

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Alter UR Ego – Fashionable and Adaptable Clothing

Heidi McKenzie planned a career in fashion, but changed direction after a car accident left her paraplegic. She turned lemons into lemonade and set out to design fashionable adaptable clothing for individuals with disabilities. McKenzie hopes that her Alter Ur Ego line “gives [people with disabilities] confidence and breaks down social barriers.”

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Fashion Tips For Wheelchair Users

By Tiffiny Carlson

Over the years I have gleaned simple fashion tips for wheelchair users that can lift even the dowdiest dresser out of her puddle of misery. To see more photos of these wheelchair fashion tips in action, follow “The Wheelchair Mommy” Priscilla Hedlin’s Stylish Gimp blog and her Pinterest board. (all photos feature Priscilla Hedlin)

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