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What a Financial Advisor in Granbury Learned from His Dad’s Disability

I recently met Mike McGowan, CFP®, a Financial Advisor, at a Granbury Chamber of Commerce breakfast. I sat at his table and was immediately drawn to his easy smile and friendly demeanor. I asked about his private label practice, McGowan & Associates, a financial advisory practice of Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc., and it was clear he enjoys helping families identify and work toward achieving their long-term goals. I then told him about my latest venture, Accessible Granbury.  When I explained my desire to create a world in which everyone can participate equally, one location at a time, we realized we had a common interest. Mike shared with me that his dad has muscular dystrophy and needs accommodations to perform basic activities he used to take for granted.

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Fit for a Home: The Wheelchair Lift That is Replacing Stairlifts

Stairlifts in the home were the product of choice for wheelchair users to help get up and down the stairs for years. A relatively new concept, the home wheelchair elevator, is now a popular alternative for a wide variety of reasons. The wheelchair elevator is thought to be safer, more aesthetically pleasing and quieter than stairlifts.

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Not Just For Wheelchairs; The Beauty of Accessibility


Designing and building an accessible home is a journey, one which requires education, patience and compromise. Our goal was to build an affordable one-story lake house that was both beautiful and comfortable for visiting family or friends who are burdened in some way with a disability.

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