Against the Grain Art Studio

111 E Bridge Street  Granbury, TX 76048   (682) 936-4443  website


Accessibility Rating: 4.7/5
Your Art Your Way! Great affordable family activity!





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  • Parking
  • Entrance Area
  • Doorways
  • Maneuverability Inside
  • Restroom Access
  • Table Height
  • Customer Service


Against the Grain opened on the Historic Granbury Square in December 2016. The ground floor of the studio is spacious with tables of varying sizes. You can choose to sit on either a couch or chair to work – or simply bring your wheelchair if you have one right up to the table.

The restroom has a wide entry and 4.5 foot turning radius (not ADA compliant, but more spacious than most). However, a step leads up to the toilet once inside the restroom. Those who can do steps will be able to use this restroom, however, not those in wheelchairs. As the building is 150 years old, the owners are not required to follow ADA guidelines. However, wheelchair users can use the ADA compliant restroom conveniently located at the Granbury Visitor’s Center in the square.

The art studio is a great addition to Granbury and provides a nice option for a family activity. “Your Art Your Way” is their tagline and they offer a variety of fun projects including mosaic, ceramics,canvas painting,chalk paint projects, pre-school art classes and more. You pick what you feel like working on that day and get to it! All projects can be completed in one sitting. The artist/owner on site is available to offer suggestions and advice while you are working. The prices are very reasonable. The mission of Against the Grain is to help everyone find their creative side, whatever that may be, and go home with something beautiful.

Hand crafted artisan pieces are for sale in the studio. Keep in mind Against the Grain is fun for date night, girl’s night out, and private parties. Check the website for additional information!

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