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People with age or disability related mobility issues and their families know online resources for accessible venues are limited and typically unreliable. Our mission is to provide detailed, convenient and accurate accessibility information about various Texas tourist towns for the comfort of this population – – starting with Granbury. Using a 5 star rating system, we will look at parking, ease of entry, accessibility of rest rooms, customer service and more for each type of venue.

Opportunities Abound…

What Do People With Disabilities Enjoy Doing? For the most part, the same things the rest of us do! Why wouldn’t they? Many individuals with mobility issues enjoy traveling, eating out and attending the theater. Unfortunately, doing so is more difficult for this population than for others. Accessibility is a hot topic these days, but we have some work to do before we can say we live in a world where everyone can fully participate.

Those with mobility disabilities are more like other people than different. Like gender, ethnicity, height and weight, a disability is part of being human. An estimated 3.5 million wheelchair users currently reside in the U.S., and the number is climbing rapidly due to the aging baby boomer population.

Individuals with disabilities spend approximately $17.3 billion annually on travel, dining out and entertainment, and when you add friends and family to the mix, the economic impact reaches $34.6 billion per year. Providing easy access is important, not only to make this group feel welcome and comfortable, but because it simply makes good business sense.

What We Do and Why…

We plan to applaud those venues who work to welcome this population into their establishments and identify those that do not. We hope this information proves useful in planning an enjoyable trip to Granbury.