Windmill Farm and B & B (Toler, Tx)

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The Windmill Farm – Charming collection of 30+ windmills on 26 acres with one mostly accessible cabin. 4.5/5 Rating on our Accessibility scale.


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The Windmill Farm is located in nearby Toler, less than 15 minutes from the Historic Granbury Square. More than 30 windmills on the beautiful 26 acre property are representative of the actual mills used in this part of Texas. Each has been restored to the mill’s original condition. Arrange for a tour with the owners, Jack and Ruby, or drive (or walk) through on your own for a quiet and relaxing day in the country. Wonderful backdrop for pictures!

The property boasts two 450 square foot cabins which were not built with accessibility in mind. However, the new 800 square foot cabin, which sleeps 6-8 was clearly created for the comfort of individuals with mobility issues. This new cabin, called the Windjammer, has 3 foot doorways throughout and room to maneuver inside (though it might be tight once the 2 murphy beds are down). The entrance has only a very small step, likely doable even in a wheelchair, with no steps inside at all. The bathroom also has an ADA toilet. The tub/shower combination and narrow width of the batjroom might create difficulties for someone in a wheelchair who is unable to walk at all. In summary, this warm and welcoming cabin with a kitchen is comfortable for most – though perhaps somewhat more so for individuals who may be in a wheelchair but able to walk a little bit.

We did not have breakfast at the Windmill Farm as it is only for guests who stay overnight, but Jack and Ruby are kind and lovely people who aim to please and I know they will make sure you are happy! We recommend the Windmill Farm B&B for families who want to vacation together, but still have some privacy. Plenty of room for guests in the three cabins!

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