If You Can’t Stand Up, Stand Out!

Izzy Wheels was created to prove to the world that a wheelchair can be more than a medical device, it can be a work of art. It can match your whatever outfit you wear, it can make you smile.

The Scottish Wheelchair Association collaborated with some of the most creative, influential, renowned and upcoming artists to design a Izzy Wheels to prove how inventive you can be with a spoke guard. The amount of imagination and love that went into each of the designs was incredible.

The spoke guards come as a set of two, one for each wheel. Spoke guards are 50cm in diameter but can easily be made to fit any size wheel by request. Velco loops at the back fasten the spoke guard to the spokes of the wheel on your wheelchair.

Check out all the great options to personalize your wheelchair . Express yourself in a whole new way! Izzy Wheels donates a portion of every sale to The Irish Wheelchair Association Yay!

Samples of Izzy Wheels Wheelchair Art

wheelchair art

credits for photos: https://www.izzywheels.com

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