Free Transportation for Injured and Ill Veterans to VA Medical Centers

The DAV (Disabled American Veterans) organization operates a fleet of vehicles around the country to for injured and ill veterans to provide free transportation to VA medical facilities. This organization stepped in to help veterans get the care they need when the federal government terminated its program which many used to pay for transportation to and from medical facilities. Volunteers drive the vans, and the almost 190 Hospital Service Coordinators around the country coordinate the rides.

DAV has 2,967 vehicles, worth nearly $65.1 million, that were donated to Department of Veterans Affairs medical centers nationwide since the program began in 1987.  DAV’s mission is to ensure that injured or ill veterans are able to get to medical appointments.

Use the DAV Hospital Service Coordinator Directory to contact your nearest Hospital Service Coordinator Directory to find out whether there is a van near you. Keep in mind the DAV Transportation Network is staffed by volunteers and therefore unable to cover every community. They work hard to accommodate everyone they can.

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