The Texas Ramp Project

The Texas Ramp Project is a statewide nonprofit organization that strives to “build freedom for the homebound”. Local volunteers change lives by building wheelchair ramps for disabled and elderly people who cannot afford to buy one.

Some great real-life stories from the Texas Ramp Project:  An elderly disabled man escapes his burning home on his new wheelchair ramp. A dialysis patient can finally leave her home without having to be carried down the steps. A stroke patient’s dangerously rotting ramp is removed and replaced with a new, safe one. A 7-year-old boy with cerebral palsy gets a ramp to accommodate his new special wheelchair.

Hundreds of ramps are built each year. By donating a few hours on a Saturday morning, you can change lives by providing access for those no longer able to climb steps. As a result, individuals with disabilities are able to make the choice to remain in their own homes.

Volunteer your time or give a donation to this amazing effort through the Texas Ramp Project website. You’ll be glad you did.

Please share your experiences!

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