Top 10 Fonts for Restaurant Menus

.A smart restaurateur knows that every little detail in a restaurant matters.  Selecting a typeface for your menu might seem like the tiniest of those details, but nonetheless, it is a surprisingly important decision.Your patron’s most important interaction with your restaurant happens through the menu – it’s where they are first introduced to your food

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Q & A: Accessibility for Restaurants and Bars

Common Questions Answered by the Disability Rights Education & Defense Fund

Q. Are Restaurants And Bars That Offer Parking Required To Provide Accessible Parking Spaces For People With Mobility Impairments? If Such Parking Is Required How Many Spaces Must Be Provided?

A. Yes. If a restaurant or bar owns and operates the parking lot, it must provide accessible parking if it is readily achievable to do so. If a restaurant or bar is a tenant, responsibility for providing accessible parking rests with both the landlord and the tenant. These responsibilities may be allocated between the landlord and tenant in the lease of other contract.

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