Did I Leave the Stove On?

stove fireLook, it happens. You walk away for…well, it was going to just be a second but then something more exciting happened than whatever you left on the stove, and now there’s an open flame, possibly billowing smoke and the most annoying smoke detector alarm, ever. FACT: Over 65% of home fires happen in the kitchen from unattended or forgotten cooking.

The iGuardStove is an easy to use motion sensor control device with great features for stove fire prevention. The device simply shuts off the stove when it doesn’t see motion in the kitchen for five minutes.  Once it sees that you have returned to the kitchen it automatically turns the stove back on to resume your cooking.

Who needs this device?  Truthfully, most of us in a variety of situations.. When my children were small I was easily distracted and often forgot something was on the stove. I put out one fire and ruined many pans as a result. Today my kids are grown, but now my parents are elderly and I worry about their safety at home. Their memories are not what they used to be and physical disabilities cause them to move slowly. We also have a rental property and are painfully aware tenants tend not to share the same commitment to maintain property as owners. The iGuard gives us peace of mind.

An internet connection is not necessary, though remote monitoring is available with internet access. No monthly fees are required. Sleep better at night knowing you don’t need to worry about a stove fire! Read more about iGuard Stove .

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