Mesquite Pit on Lake Granbury

919 East Pearl Street, Granbury, TX 76048      (817) 579-9113     website

Accessibility Rating: 4.8/5
Very accessible!


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  • Parking
  • Entrance Area
  • Doorways
  • Maneuverability Inside
  • Restroom Access
  • Table Height
  • Customer Service


A newer addition to the culinary scene in Granbury, the Mesquite Grill Lake Granbury is quite accessible. Six handicapped parking spots in the front of the lot and a ramp make entering the building a breeze. Both the men’s and women’s restrooms have a handicapped stall. The staff is eager to please and very accommodating. The one downside is many of the tables are too close together, so getting from the table to the restroom or the front door is challenging when the restaurant is busy.

The Mesquite Pit specializes in Mesquite grilled steaks and BBQ, seafood, family food and good old American favorites, including great cheeseburgers. Their business plan is simple – offer great food and friendly service at a reasonable price, do right by your employees and community, and success will come to you.

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