granbury shopping


I spent an entire afternoon this week going in and out of the little shops in the square. The area boasts many cute stores with wonderful finds, but only a few seemed particularly accessible for individuals with mobility issues. The buildings are old and not required by law to follow ADA guidelines.

Most had easy entry, but the insides were crowded with merchandise. All had paths throughout the shops, but some were hard to navigate. Wheelchair users may find maneuvering inside the stores difficult, but those who are able to walk some should be fine. Those in wheelchairs can rest in the beautiful square and take in the sights, of which there are many, if they prefer.

Caylor Creek Boutique

I had the opportunity to spend more time in one store than the others, Caylor Creek Boutique, which I decided to feature on this website. This store actively markets to the senior and disabled population, and are happy to provide accommodations when needed. Read more…  

Contact us if you have an accessible shop in Granbury!

If you have a shop in the Historic Granbury Square that offers a comfortable shopping experience for those with mobility issues and would like to be featured, please contact us ! I will be happy to visit with you at your convenience. We also would love to hear from you if you are interested in suggestions on how to make your store more accessible for this population.