Granbury Gardens

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This lovely B & B, located within walking distance of Granbury’s Historic Square, is a charming 1911 Craftsman-style home with beautiful gardens. All of their beautiful rooms are on the first floor and have easy access to the garden.However, this facility will work only for the wheelchair user who is able to walk a little.

Though the facility is not ideal for the wheelchair user who cannot walk at all, you might be able to successfully navigate these accommodations if you can walk some.  Four steps lead to the entry, but once inside everything is on one floor. The “Garden Room”, with a king bed, is the only room with a walk-in shower (claw foot tub only in the other bathrooms), but the shower has a small lip at the base. No grab bars are installed in the bathroom. The doorways are wide enough for a wheelchair, and both the room and the bathroom are spacious enough to move around comfortably in the chair. The inn keeper is eager to please and will work with you as much as possible. She has a sister who uses a wheelchair, but can walk some, who says in the Garden Room quite happily.

Granbury Gardens is not ADA compliant, nor is it required to be as it has less than five rooms. However, for those not required to be in the wheelchair at all times, this B & B will work nicely for a special get-away or a romantic weekend.

321 West Doyle Street, Granbury, Texas 76048   817-573-9010  website

Accessibility Rating: 3.6/5






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