What a Financial Advisor in Granbury Learned from His Dad’s Disability

I recently met Mike McGowan, CFP®, a Financial Advisor, at a Granbury Chamber of Commerce breakfast. I sat at his table and was immediately drawn to his easy smile and friendly demeanor. I asked about his private label practice, McGowan & Associates, a financial advisory practice of Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc., and it was clear he enjoys helping families identify and work toward achieving their long-term goals. I then told him about my latest venture, Accessible Granbury.  When I explained my desire to create a world in which everyone can participate equally, one location at a time, we realized we had a common interest. Mike shared with me that his dad has muscular dystrophy and needs accommodations to perform basic activities he used to take for granted.

Mike’s father, Sam, led an active and asymptomatic life until well into his fifties when he was diagnosed. Muscular dystrophy is characterized by progressive muscle degeneration caused by abnormal genes that interfere with the production of proteins necessary for healthy muscle formation. Unfortunately no cure currently exists, but medication and therapy can manage symptoms and slow the course of the disease.

Sam’s life changed dramatically since the diagnosis, but a positive attitude, sharp mind and loving family helped him adjust to his new “normal” and continue to enjoy life. Now in his mid-seventies and happily living in an assisted living facility, Sam gets around using a power chair or walker. Family members visit often and make themselves available to drive him to appointments and social events in their accessible Toyota Sienna minivan. He never misses his Wednesday evening dinner group with his wife and friends!

When Mike decided to build a new house for his family in Granbury, he incorporated accessibility into the plans even though his dad was not yet at the point where he needed the accommodations. He thoughtfully anticipated what the future might look like, and knew the expense to build an accessible residence from the start was significantly less than the cost of later renovations. It made sense, especially considering by doing so he was providing himself with the option of aging comfortably in the house should he choose to stay there. The open concept house features 3 foot wide doorways, extra wide hallways, ADA compliant toilets, walk in shower, no steps, and more.  Sam is able to comfortably visit knowing the house is without barriers to access for him.

Mike’s participation in caring for his dad provides him with unique insight into working with older adults. Providing personalized wealth management services to seniors and individuals with disabilities involves special considerations, and Mike is compassionate, knowledgeable, and familiar with issues such as long-term care, Medicare, and local eldercare resources.

Michael McGowan CFP®, a Financial Advisor, is the president of McGowan & Associates, a financial advisory practice of Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc. He is licensed and registered to conduct business in TX, AL, CO, WA, AZ, WI, FL, CA.

Address: 606 Fall Creek Hwy, Granbury, Tx 76049
Phone: 800.687.4159
Email: michael.mcgowan@ampf.com
website: http://www.ameripriseadvisors.com/michael.mcgowan/


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