Does Your Mobility Aid Reflect Your Style?

Why do mobility aids have to be so boring!

Don’t sacrifice style or comfort because you’re on crutches. Using crutches can now be comfortable, convenient, and fashionable. 4 piece cover set includes 2 hand grips and 2 crutch tops. Roomy crutch bag is so handy and helpful! All that for $29!



colorful canes




For those using a cane, make a statement with a designer version from Canez!  Superior construction with coordinated padded foam grip, stabilizing footing, and removable bling strap. $49 each.





How about this Paisley Pink & Black Fashionable and Functional Walker Bag?
walker bagMany practical yet stylish bags are available for walkers with prices ranging from low to high. This one is on the more expensive side at $65.00, but it is my favorite!. It is a 100% cotton 15″ c 12″ bag with a 4.25″ handle. It securely attaches to your walker by a hook and loop velcro system that is easy to open with one hand. The back pocket provides quick access to your cell phone, keys or glasses.




Don’t compromise fashion just because you have mobility issues!

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