Sketching with her mouth

The story of Robaba Mohammadi, a 16 year old artist from Kabul with partial paralysis of her limbs, is an inspirational one. Robaba has big dreams and is not about to let her disability stop her.

Unable to control her hands and feet except for a few toes since an early age, Robaba taught herself to draw with her mouth. She began to draw less than two years ago after years of hopelessness about her situation. You see, in conflict and poverty stricken Afghanistan, disability is viewed as a weakness and medical help is difficult to obtain.

Robaba began drawing less than two years ago and now dreams of an exhibit at Aga Khan museum, one of the largest art museums in Canada.  She even drew life-like sketches of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Afghan-born Canadian politician, Maryam Monsef.

Robaba Mohammadi

With her dreams of holding an art exhibition, Robaba offers hope to people with disabilities in Afghanistan where discrimination runs rampant. Life can be very hard, especially for a disabled artist, but it is still possible to achieve goals with a lot of hard work and determination.

images from Huffington Post

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