You Can Now Get a Disability Inclusive Paper Doll Set

Clothing company Matilda Jane Clothing (MJC) has joined the movement helping to change the face of beauty all across the globe.

MJC designs unique and stylish apparel for women and girls, and this year they teamed up with nonprofit Changing the Face of Beauty to help diversify the types of children we see in advertisements and in the media. The retailer featured many children of all different abilities wearing its clothing in ads and have recently released a disability-inclusive paper doll sheet.

The paper dolls were made by an independent personal stylist named Emily Card, with creative input from many different teams at MJC. The sheet comes with three paper dolls and some cut-out dresses and accessories — including a pair of pink crutches.

“From the moment we started working on this project, we knew we wanted to represent girls of all abilities,” MJC Marketing Manager Katie Virag told The Mighty in an email. “Creating these dolls is a fun, nostalgic project and brings back fond memories of playing with paper dolls when many of us were little girls. We hope girls will love these paper dolls and enjoy playing with them for hours.”

The paper doll sheets come as a gift included in customer orders and are often available at trunk shows.

“Ultimately we want all girls to feel beautiful and comfortable being who they are,” Virag told The Mighty.




This article originally appeared on September 2015


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