Rock the Wheel Makes Stylish Clothing for Wheel Chair Users

Rock the Wheel is a new startup that’s making custom-made clothing for wheel chair users, that’s both accessible and fashion-forward.

People without mobility issues are typically aware of the special accommodations wheel chair users require for work and school, but very few consider that those with mobile limitations require custom clothing that’s been designed to specifically meet their accommodation needs. Rock the Wheel aims to offer clothing that’s both custom-made and fashionable, providing the three million wheel chair users in the United States with a more stylish alternative.

The line boasts six wardrobe essentials that were designed to be mixed and matched for both work and leisure. The stylish garments include zippered jean jackets, work pants with hidden pockets and comfortable buttoned dress shirts.

Sources & Photo Credits: designboomrockthewheel

Article originally appeared in by Ellen Smith November 15, 2017

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