Christina’s Boutique and Bistro

110 N. Houston Street, Granbury, TX 76048      (817) 579-1707     website

Accessibility Rating: 3.6/5



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  • Parking
  • Entrance Area
  • Doorways
  • Maneuverability Inside
  • Restroom Access
  • Table Height
  • Customer Service


We love the food and atmosphere at Christina’s Boutique and Bistro! Menu choices are unique, interesting and delicious. You can check out their menu on their website. Convenient parking is in nearby lot, and handicapped spots are available, but the lot gets full quickly. Parking is also available on the street if you can find a spot.

This popular restaurant gets crowded, but the owners try to keep a wide aisle the length of the dining room to accommodate walkers and wheelchairs. The tables are all the same height and seem close together, but many on the outer edge would work for the “average” person in a wheelchair. Taller people, wheelchair or not, may have an issue with their knees hitting the bottom of the table top.

The biggest issue at Christina’s is the bathroom. The hallway from the dining area to the restroom is not terribly wide, and the 1.5 inch step from the hall into the toilet area will be problematic for some. The restroom itself is small, but made even more cramped as furniture and a screen are stored in the room for some reason. The grab bars behind and to the side of the toilet are a nice thought, but anyone who truly needs an accessible bathroom should relieve themselves at the public restroom prior to sitting down to eat at Christina’s.

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