Caylor Creek Boutique

109 E Bridge St  Granbury, TX 76048     (817) 579-5444      Facebook Page

Accessibility Rating: 4.6/5

This great store moved from just off the Granbury Historic square to a central location right on the square.  It’s level of accessibility is much improved!. Excellent customer service and a strong desire to work with individuals with disabilities gave me good reason to highly rate this shopping treasure. Read more in the summary section.


caylor creek boutique


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  • Parking
  • Entrance Area
  • Doorways
  • Maneuverability Inside
  • Restroom Access
  • Customer Service


Caylor Creek Boutique, now located on the square, is a find! I love the unique selection of stylish clothing, including many loose fitting, comfortable pieces that are easy to get on and off. Caylor Creek Boutique seems to carry something for everyone, both young and old and boasts a section of contemporary plus sizes as well. The staff knows the merchandise well and makes helpful suggestions to shoppers.

The new location has a wider entrance with no stairs. The doorway is wide enough for easy access into the store. Once in, the boutique is laid out in a spacious and pleasing manner, providing adequate access through the tables and racks. In addition, the staff is eager to please and will provide any necessary accommodations for individual customers upon request. Handicapped parking is available in the central lot and on the street, and accessible public restrooms are available on the square. The newly renovated sidewalks with ramps available in many places make for a fun and easy day shopping in Granbury.

2 thoughts on “Caylor Creek Boutique”

  1. Regarding the entrance there are two entrances to the boutique. One is the front with a small step and the others is on the side through the courtyard and there is not a step at this entrance. Also, there is a restroom right outside the side door across the oourtyard. The store has thinned out quite a bit as transitional pieces and clothing have been removed.
    Customer service is beyond amazing! Very friendly, helpful and knowledgeble staff. It’a must stop and shop boutique!

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