Caylor Creek Boutique

109 E Bridge St  Granbury, TX 76048     (817) 579-5444      Facebook Page

Accessibility Rating: 4.6/5

This great store moved from just off the Granbury Historic square to a central location right on the square.  It’s level of accessibility is much improved!. Excellent customer service and a strong desire to work with individuals with disabilities gave me good reason to highly rate this shopping treasure. Read more in the summary section.


caylor creek boutique


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2 thoughts on “Caylor Creek Boutique”

  1. Regarding the entrance there are two entrances to the boutique. One is the front with a small step and the others is on the side through the courtyard and there is not a step at this entrance. Also, there is a restroom right outside the side door across the oourtyard. The store has thinned out quite a bit as transitional pieces and clothing have been removed.
    Customer service is beyond amazing! Very friendly, helpful and knowledgeble staff. It’a must stop and shop boutique!

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