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Things We’ll Do Differently When We’re Old

By observing his parents’ behavior, a writer made a personal to-do list for aging

If we’re lucky, our parents’ actions can serve as inspiration for who we hope to become as we age. But for most people, there are at least one or two things — usually more — parents do that serve as cautionary tales.
Adult children of aging parents often find themselves hyperanalyzing the behaviors and choices of their mothers and fathers and using this information as motivation to do things a bit differently. That’s exactly the case for journalist Steven Petrow, who wrote about a list of things he will and won’t do as he ages in a recent New York Times article, “Things I’ll Do Differently When I’m Old.”

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5 Most Accessible Restaurants in Granbury

Granbury is one of the most vibrant and popular tourist areas in Texas with wonderful restaurants, stores and attractions. The charming square boasts beautiful old buildings to which people flock all year round. The senior population, comprised of both locals and tourists, is extensive and therefore modifications were made to ensure comfort for those with mobility disabilities. Interesting old areas seldom provide accessibility, but Granbury works hard to make this population comfortable while maintaining the old world feeling.

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Dyslexia: Help in Hood County

I arranged to meet with Karen Haggard, M.Ed this week after an interesting conversation at a Granbury Chamber of Commerce luncheon. Karen is a Dyslexia Consultant who strives to put literacy within reach for all. Dyslexia, a lifelong condition that affects reading, writing, spelling and even speaking can be an extremely debilitating disability.This  condition did not receive a great deal of attention until recently.

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