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Just Say No to the Curb (At Home and In Business)

I don’t always pay attention to access issues when I’m tooling around town on my own. Curbs, steps and thresholds don’t pose much of an issue for most people, myself included. It isn’t until I’m out with with friends with little ones in strollers or my elderly parents that I realize how these seemingly innocent little steps up or down can pose tremendous problems.

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Every Towel Bar Should Be a Grab Bar

Many people treat their bathroom as a sanctuary. And why not? This room frequently serves as a spa-like retreat in which to enjoy time alone on a daily basis. Beautiful bathrooms are easily achieved with the wide range of products available these days, but can be costly. For that reason, design your new bathroom to use for the long-term no matter what your current age or physical ability.

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What a Financial Advisor in Granbury Learned from His Dad’s Disability

I recently met Mike McGowan, CFP®, a Financial Advisor, at a Granbury Chamber of Commerce breakfast. I sat at his table and was immediately drawn to his easy smile and friendly demeanor. I asked about his private label practice, McGowan & Associates, a financial advisory practice of Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc., and it was clear he enjoys helping families identify and work toward achieving their long-term goals. I then told him about my latest venture, Accessible Granbury.  When I explained my desire to create a world in which everyone can participate equally, one location at a time, we realized we had a common interest. Mike shared with me that his dad has muscular dystrophy and needs accommodations to perform basic activities he used to take for granted.

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