Brave Women in Wheelchairs Redefine Beauty

Can a woman in a wheelchair look sexy?

You bet she can, says the founders of The Raw Beauty Project,  This organization invites people to question their perceptions of disability by showcasing portraits of physically challenged females who are nonetheless powerful, sensual, and gorgeous. The founders believe the beauty of a woman is how she feels inside, which in turn radiates on the outside.

The Raw Beauty Project made its debut on September 20, 2014 at ACA Galleries in New York City by showcasing twenty brave models who posed for photographs and provided self-written biographies. All the models were women bound to wheelchairs due to various circumstances.

This impactful exhibit resonated with people across the world and started an important conversation. The project was featured in “O”, Oprah Magazine,, Huffington Post, as well as many publications across Europe.

The whole project was started by six women: Shelly Baer, Vanessa Silbermanto, Ginny Dixon, Susan Solman, Sabrina Cohen and photographer Wendy Crawford. It continues to expand, encouraging women to embrace their beauty, own their power and live their passion.


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