granbury square accessible public restroom

Public Restrooms

1. Visitor Information Center

116 W Bridge Street, Granbury Tx 76408
Phone: 800-950-2212

Hours of Operation

Open Every Day
Mon – Fri 8 am – 5:00 pm
Sat 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Sun 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Yay! We love when historic old towns realize an accessible public restroom is essential for visitors with mobility issues. Three public restrooms are available in the square. The first, the Granbury Visitor Center located in City Hall, offers a clean, convenient bathroom easily accessed by those visiting Granbury.

You will find the City Hall building on the northwest corner of the square. The East entrance, directly across from the First National Bank, is the entrance for the Visitor Center. Park in a handicap parking spot in the nearby lot behind Farina’s Restaurant.

While you are there, talk to the friendly visitor information specialists about local attractions, events, entertainment, restaurants and hotels.Take home a visitor guide to make your next trip to Granbury even easier!

2. Public Restroom near Pearl and South Crockett

Open 24 hours.

This stand alone public restroom, located across from Linda’s and behind the Nutshell Eatery and bakery is the second option and I like that it is located diagonally across the square from the Granbury Visitor’s Center on the southeast corner. It is accessible, clean, and offers two water fountains of different heights in between the entrances for the men and women. This restroom also offers abundant handicap parking, with one spot dedicated for accessible vans. This lot offers a convenient place to park with extremely easy access to the bathroom.

3. Public Restroom near the Old Hood County Jail and Museum

Open 24 hours.

The third public restroom, located on the southwest corner of the square, can be used as a last resort. The facility is less accessible and less clean than the others. It does offer 15 minute handicap parking in front for those who need convenient access, and it is nice to have this bathroom available if you absolutely cannot make it to one of the other restrooms.


Take a look at the Historic Granbury’s Merchant Association map to find exact locations for the public toilets. Click to enlarge.