accessible granbury

Hi. I’m Leslie and I am the founder of AccessibleGranburyTx.com. I do not have a disability myself, but my mother uses a wheelchair as a result of a car accident 8 years ago. She still loves to travel, eat out and go to the theater and museums. Careful planning is necessary before an outing and still the experience can be difficult. I appreciate the progress made over the years, but many physical and emotional obstacles still remain for those with mobility issues.

I started this business out of frustration. Finding accessibility information is difficult, time consuming, and rarely can be found in one place. Planning a trip with my parents generally involves hours of online research followed by phone calls to each venue to confirm the details found online are accurate. Some of the big cities are good about providing accessible options and posting the information, but smaller tourist areas usually are not.

I chose to start in Granbury, Texas. I love this historic little town and it’s vibrant lakeside community located in the northern most tip of Texas hill country. This popular tourist spot is a short 1 1/2 hour drive from Dallas. I plan next to move on to Fort Worth, a much larger city with a multitude of restaurants, museums, and attractions.

I am not yet sure where I will go after Fort Worth, and am open to suggestions.If you have a favorite spot in Texas and/or information to contribute about the accessibility of specific venues in that area, I’d love to hear from you. We all need to work together to create a world in which everyone can fully participate.

Not only should individuals with mobility issues be able to easily travel, they should also be made to feel welcome, People in wheelchairs are people FIRST and we must treat them with the same respect we give those without disabilities. In other words, shake their hand, look them in the eye and include them in your conversation just as you would anyone. Talking about someone instead of to them is offensive. So is speaking more slowly or loudly than usual unless you are aware that other issues exist; an individual who is unable to walk can likely understand or hear just fine.

I hope this website will help promote lasting change. I’d like day to day activities most people take for granted to be more enjoyable for those with mobility issues. Everyone has the opportunity to achieve the fullest life possible in work, school and love.

National Institute For People With Disabilities

Visit YAI/National Institute for People With Disabilities to learn about a wonderful network of agencies with programs that empower and enhance the lives of thousands of people we support and their families.