accessible granbury


Accessibility is a hot topic these days and becoming more important as the population ages. Partner with us to get the word out that a business caters in some way to people with mobility issues.

3 Ways to Partner With Us:

1.BECOME AN ADVOCATE – It is easy to become an “Advocate”. All you need is a strong desire to make a difference! It is really that simple. Choose a location that interests you and chances are someone else is interested too!

Here’s how the program works:
  1. Contact us to let us know you would like to become an ADVOCATE.
  2. Print out Accessibility Rating Forms (one per venue)
  3. Keep the forms handy for when you find yourself in a venue you would like to review!
  4. Rate venues on the 5 scale rating system with 5 being the best, 1 being the worst.
  5. Please add notes about any items you feel would be helpful for us in writing the blog.
  6. Email or send the form to us via regular mail (address on form).
  7. We will do the rest! Information will be confirmed prior to posting on the website, but we so value and appreciate your opinions and insights!

Help others avoid barrier issues when out and about in your area. You will save others a lot of the time and effort involved in doing the accessibility research before venturing out.

So, to begin this process, all YOU as the advocate need to do is (1) visit the building and (2) send us the completed rating form with your notes. That’s it! You are now an Access Texas “Advocate”!

2. ADVERTISE YOUR BUSINESS ON OUR WEBSITE – more information coming soon on placing ads on our website. It is important to get the word out to the community if you have an accessible venue!

3. CREATE A MORE ACCESSIBLE ENVIRONMENT IN YOUR FACILITY – Contact us for ideas about affordable and practical ways to make your venue more accessible for those with mobility disabilities. We are happy to help.